First Time Dads And Moms Online Birthing Class


Lots of first-time fathers and mothers developed Birthing Better skills in the early 1970s. We wanted to fill the gaps of Unknowing so we could experience our first birth with some level of confidence as birth unfolds.

All the skills are practical and easy to learn.  REMEMBER: Pick and choose which skill you want to learn both as a pregnant first-time mom and first-time father-to-be then teach each other. 


First Time Moms And Dads

  • Demystify your pregnant and birthing body so you grow your confidence and capability for both of you
  • Become familiar with all the skills just in case they may come in handy during your birth
  • Be able to work together alongside all the assessments, monitoring, and procedures that will happen.
  • You’ll praise yourself and be praised by your birth providers.



My sister purchased this class for us. The best gift we’ve ever received. We stopped running around like a chicken without its head. We loved learning the skills together. Tney were easy and made sense and worked. .”

Rebecca and Trevor

“I was going to be a first-time father married to a woman who with two kids. I felt stupid and just wanted to rely on her. She put me right and made me learn these skills. Best thing she could have done. She told me I was sensational”


“ I am a very reserved and deeply religious woman. I was afraid these skills would be too personal. They are very personal and are a must. I’m still a very reserved and deeply religious woman yet I’m changed. I’m more real.”





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