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It is what it is … you will birth in a hospital. If you’ve been there before, you know YOU are still the only person ‘doing’ the birth! You and you alone (hopefully with the help of your husband/partner/other birth-coach) are ‘doing’ birth. You’ll teach you the skills we’ve learned … because we (hundreds of fathers and mothers) developed them all in the US in the early 1970s.

We were pretty much all birthing in a hospital with NO choices like you have. That means Birthing Better skills work in all hospital births without exception. We know how to work with and around all ‘interventions’. We know how to work through the ‘activity’ of birthing our baby no matter what’s happening to or around us. You’ll know too!


Hospital Births

  • All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of dads and moms and used in ALL births
  • Start about 24 weeks of pregnancy, prepare your body, and learn birth and coaching skills
  • Become familiar with all the skills just in case they may come in handy during your birth
  • Confidently work with and around all assessments, monitoring, and procedures



Our first hospital birth sucked. I had made a Birth Plan. I felt ignored and run over by everyone and everything done to me. Then we found Birthing Better and became skilled. To be honest. Do NOT go into your hospital birth without skills. Our next hospital birth was sensational.”

Marsha and Barry

‘”I was certain that the midwives and our doctor didn’t really want me to coach my wife in our hospital birth. I’m in their world. My wife basically grabbed me by my collar and told me to get with the play.  I did and they LOVED us. No one will stand in your way to help her cope.


“ My labor was stalled for hours. Why we didn’t think about doing The Hip Lift sooner, I don’t know. I was desperate. My husband suggested we do the Hip Lift. I could feel our baby move. Labor went quickly after that. Why didn’t we use it sooner? We didn’t beat ourselves up. We were just chuffed”

Toni and Simon




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