Body Skills for Pregnancy and Birth



Body Skills for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Start from 24 weeks onward to prepare your body. Start at 32 weeks to prepare your birth canal
  • Map Your Pelvis to understand the size and shape of the hole your baby moves through
  • Learn to create more space side-to-side and front-to-back
  • Mobilize your sacrum to reduce back labor and prevent stuck babies
  • Prepare birth canal properly so there’s no ‘ring of fire’;  no delay in 2nd stage and quick recovery



In our previous birth my breathing skills were great but my baby still got stuck. I had trusted birth and found myself having heaps of interventions to get my baby out. I found this course and haven’t looked back. These skills should be mandatory for all pregnant women without exception”


“Why are these Birthing Better body skills so important? I’ve been a midwife for 30 years and have been hugely disappointed by the natural birth message to just trust birth. Birth is rigorous and a baby is big. We need to have a more pragmatic approach to preparing for birth and these skills are sensational”


“ I was feeling alienated about our coming birth until my partner purchased this course. We did all the skills on each other and giggled heaps. Just imagine, men and women feeling the same things. That just settled me down. We prepared my partner’s body so well, we never had to use any of the skills in labor.”





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