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Our Blogs: Each of us comes to our pregnancy as unique individuals. We move through our pregnancy entirely focused on ourself. Birthing Better opens up the world of our commonality. 100% of pregnant women will give birth one way or another.

We invite you to explore our 4 blogs: pregnancy, birth, fathers-to-be and birth professionals.

Common Knowledge Trust holds the Birthing Better skills, gifted to the Trust by families who developed these skills. Our mission for the past 50 years has been to grow a self-learning skilled birthing population so that all families can use skills to birth their baby in all circumstances. This is what Birthing Better families have done. We became skilled, empowered ourselves by using effective skills while birthing our baby.

Pregnancy Blog

Pregnancy: Once you’re pregnant, you join an elite group … other pregnant women and expectant fathers/other. You move out of this exclusive group when you birth your baby. Pregnancy is the time to prepare your body for birth as well as learn birth and birth-coaching skills then use your skills to birth your baby. You are pregnant until you have given birth. Birth is an activity. Use skills to do that activity.

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Birth Blog

Birth: The birth of your baby is a BIG event, experience and activity. Pregnancy comes to an end with this monumental and dynamic activity best filled with your best set of birth and birth-coaching skills. In fact, the Birthing Better fathers and mothers who developed these skills include preparing your pregnant body to birth as well as those great skills to stay in control.

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How To Prepare For Childbirth

Father to be: If you live in most modern countries, fathers have been permitted and expected to be at the birth. We have the right skills for all fathers-to-be. Help your pregnant partner to prepare her body for birth. You share the same body so you can feel all these skills. Then learn great birth-coaching skills. She expects you to ‘be there’ and know how to help her work through the activity of birthing your baby.

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Birth Professional

Birth Professionals: All birth professionals can encourage their clients to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills by giving them a hand-out of skills-based methods and notate what skills they have learned from 24 weeks onwards. Encourage and praise. As a pregnant woman, create a Skills-based Birth Plan, give it to your birth professional then use your birth and birth-coaching skills and WOW them and impress yourself!

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Brain fitness and Birthing Better

Birthnig Better skills link your brain and body just like any other skills you already have. You just need very specific skills to birth your baby.

2nd baby labor and delivery

You’ve had one birth and learned heaps. Become a highly skilled birthng mom for your 2nd birth.

What is Birthing Better?

Skills developed by moms and dads for all births without exception. Prepare the pregnantn body for birth. Birth and birth-coaching skills that work in every birth.

Email us and speak to Professionals for personal advice and guidance.

Discover all about pregnancy, birth, being a parent and raising a child.

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